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Daily Dog Walking

Dog Walker

Daily Dog Walking

              Curtail boredom developed behaviors born of frustration like  inappropriate chewing  and destruction of furniture.

Let us put together a  personalized dog walking program designed to fit your pet’s specific needs. Natures Nanny prides itself on being flexible and provides last minute walks when that unexpected after work meeting pops up. Daily dog walking provides you with extra time to get your errands done before your trip home!


Cuddly Cat Sitters

Dog Walker

Contrary to popular belief. Cats do want to be with humans. It is a common myth that cats want to be alone. For a solitary cat raised from kittenhood, it can be quite a lonely time when you go to work each day – and even more so when you go on vacation. Behaviors triggered by lonliness can include urintaing in inappropriate places, climbing curtains and ripping up furniture.  Nature’s Nanny provides playtime, daily litter scooping and the peace of mind that your cat is getting the attention she needs.



Vacation Pet Sitting

Dog Walker

Whether your off to a wedding or riding the waves on a two week vacation, Nature’s Nanny will give you the peace of mind that not only are your fur babies being cared for, but a watchful eye is on your home and hearth. 

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  • Responsible Dog Ownership

    With all the companionship and love that our dogs give so freely, it’s hard to imagine that some owners just don’t take responsibility for their dogs. But it’s true. Millions of dogs—healthy dogs—are euthanized every year. Whether through owner neglect or owner ignorance, millions of healthy dogs will endure the same fate this year. So […]

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